John Daniel and Hali Lighthill

Our theme for the Pathfinders in 2017 is to:


and to


The Pathfinders is here to establish a foundation for building Christian character, morals, values and behaviors in young people ages 18-25. To help prepare and better themselves for their future.  

 Today's generation, young people face a strong force of separation and division, we are here to break that cycle.

The Pathfinders offer a place of safety, where we are One body of Christ, working together to further the Kingdom of God.  

Not only do we offer guidance in the Word of God but also for every day life decisions.  

We understand the in between stage of teenage years to adult life and it can be quite difficult.

We are here to help guide young people along with a tender hand. 


Our goals in Fusion Youth is to accept young people from ALL walks of life with open arms. 

Encourage them by showing them their worth in the Lord with love, compassion and not condemnation.  

Connect not only as a group but on a personal level. 

For them to know they can and will succeed with God's help, if they choose; and to strive everyday toward that mark of the high calling of God. 

We also want them to learn and understand the value of others around them, and to instill Godly values into their own lives.  We also strive to instill deeply into them the Living Word of God and to love each of them as our own. 

Matthew & April Spigner