Service Times:

Sunday: 9:30   am Pre - Service Prayer                   Sunday: 5:30  pm  Pre - Service Prayer 

                 10:00 am Sunday School                                                6:00  pm Worship/Preaching 

                 11:00 am  Worship/Preaching

Wednesday: 6:30 pm Pre - Service Prayer            Thursday: 6:30-7:30 pm Corporate Prayer 

                         7:00  pm Worship/Bible Study



Monthly Classes, Events & Retreats:

We have Couples', Men's, Women's and various Youth classes monthly, as well as annual retreats to help you build your faith with one another and with the Lord.  Our Kid's Church and Christian Education are second to none!  There is something for everyone at the ARC! 

Let Pastor Gleason help grow your faith.

Growing your faith in the Lord is rewarding when you have a faithful Shepherd. Our congregation is lead by Pastor David W Gleason, Sr.  He grew up in some of the most challenging circumstances and has learned how to be humorous and victorious in spite of his past.  He is a true shepherd of love, forgiveness and compassion who loves souls with all his heart and believes very much in the restoration of the fallen and healing for the wounded.  He is a phenomenal teacher and minister of the whole Gospel.     

Apply the Good News to your daily life.

 CONNECT you with God through Evangelism, Bible Study and Fellowship

Children's Programs

At the ARC, when it comes to Children's ministry and programs, we have the best around!  We BELIEVE in investing into our future generation! 

It is our desire to:

GROW with you as you see the Revelation of Jesus Chris for yourself.

Community Service

We support community programs such as Neighborhood cleanup, home and vehicle maintenance for the elderly, community youth events, support of our local domestic abuse shelter for women and children as well as emergency service assistance (i.e: flood relief, hurricane and other disaster relief, etc.  

Donate Today! 


DISCIPLE you and your family so you can become all the things God wants you to be. 

Welcome to the ARC United Pentecostal Church of Manning, South Carolina. We are here not to just be another church but to be THE CHURCH to a lost and dying world.  We not only want to teach you about your Bible but we want to introduce you to the Author of your Bible. We offer a wide rage of classes, ministries, and fellowship for all ages. If you are looking to make a change into the right direction, you need to look no further.  

SERVE those around us and truly be the hands and feet of Christ.

7 Berkeley St. Manning, SC 29102

Teen Programs

We have monthly local meetings for our Youth as well as numerous events throughout the year to keep our Youth engaged and encouraged.